Stop Foreclosure

Short Sales

We represent buyers or sellers in the purchase of real estate. Flat fees are quoted in advance. For private sales transactions, or where Realtors are assisting, you can retain this firm to represent you throughout the entire process.  You can also retain us for limited purposes such as reviewing Agreements of Sale or attending settlement.

We also represent buyers, sellers or realtors in lawsuits concerning real estate transactions. Hourly rates are charged for such litigation services.

The Relator’s Resource for over 25 years!

Kevin Kologinsky is the first resource for many real estate professionals.

  • enable the sale of inherited property

  • teach your agents to avoid liability

  • contracts and disclaimers review

  • clear up “clouds on title”

  • and if you are sued, litigation defense

Kevin Kologinsky is a Philadelphia real estate lawyer serving the tri-country area. Kevin Kologinsky has an office located in Northeast Philadelphia and represents clients in personal injury, wills and estates and real estate matters throughout the tri-country area.